Compensation (Total Rewards & Remuneration) Hands-on Series for HR Professionals and Business Owners

23/02/2018- 23/02/2018

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Dear Valued ASPRI Members,

Compensation (Total Rewards & Remuneration) Hands-on Series for HR Professionals and Business Owners

In partnership with Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) to bring you a series of programs that will benefit the members. We are pleased to inform that ASPRI members will get to enjoy an early bird discount for six compensation programs that SNEF has organised. These programs will help to provide insights and ideas on how the organisation can better manage the most important asset – the dynamic workforce.

SNEF has engaged a Worldatwork Global Certification Faculty, who is an experienced HR and C&B practitioner and consultant, curriculum developer, and trainer. Being based in Singapore for close to 10 years, and because of the roles and work he does in Asia and for Worldatwork, he is familiar with the relevant global best practices and has the local knowledge; in particular: Singapore and the Asian business landscape.

Registration Details:

Please submit the attached Excel Registration Form to Mr. Darren LIM from SNEF at for registration and to enjoy the early bird *discount (*For registration that received at least 1 month before course commencement).

If you are interested in knowing more or have any enquiries regarding any of these programs, you may contact Mr. Darren LIM from SNEF at or 6827 6930.

Programs Details:

Program 1: Compensation 101 for HR Professionals (Compensation Principles and Practices)

1 day program with Refreshment and Lunch:
1) 23 February 2018

2) 18 May 2018
3) 14 September 2018


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This course is designed to provide a solid grounding for HR professionals in the area of compensation & benefits, in the Singapore context. It covers basic total rewards concepts, core processes, tools, methods and communication principles unique to pay. The course involves learners in activities to help them relate these concepts to their own experience, build hands-on skills and build confidence in communicating about pay. Many real life, as well as, local examples will be shared from the instructor’s experience, and quick polls will be taken throughout the day, to allow participants to see how their company’s practices compare with others.

Program 2: Compensation 102 for HR Professionals (Evaluation, Benchmarking and Structures)

2 day program with Refreshment and Lunch:

1) 26 and 27 February 2018

2) 21 and 22 May 2018
3) 17 and 18 September 2018


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This two-day course provides learners with hands-on practical skills needed to do actual compensation work within an HR and business environment. It is designed to supplement theoretical and technical knowledge of compensation gained in the Compensation 101 course, certification courses or other knowledge based training on remuneration practices. The facilitator will demonstrate the actual process steps involved in job evaluations, salary structure design and annual salary review. Using simulated tools and data for a fictitious company, learners will work as table groups on their own laptops to complete the above tasks using the methods used by large companies.


Program 3: Compensation 201 – Manage Annual Salary Review

2 days program with Refreshment and Lunch:


1) 7 February 2018

2) 28 September 2018
3) 7 December 2018


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Every compensation & benefits manager must know how to manage the annual salary review, and less experienced C&B specialists also must be able to support it. This course equips C&B professionals to competently perform their most important duty, the annual salary review. The course covers pay for performance theories, salary budgeting, use of market data for midpoint updates, merit matrix development, developing a manager worksheet, rolling up manager submissions for next level review, project management, facilitating approvals, and effective communication practices. The course focuses on skills, using fictitious data.


Program 4: Compensation 202 – Pay For Performance (Old & New) – Previously known as Managing Performance without Ratings

1 day program with Refreshment and Lunch:

1) 2 April 2018

2) 29 June 2018
3) 5 October 2018


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This one-day master class course is for human resources leaders responsible for supporting performance management in their organizations, and who need to evaluate the merits of using (or not using) ratings, forced distributions (stacked ranking) or other tools.

The course examines the trend to drop the use of ratings, and related drivers, enablers and barriers. It reviews the basics of performance management, immersing participants in a quick overview of various approaches to performance management and their pros and cons.

Program 5: Total Rewards 201: Total Rewards Management (NEW!)

1 day program with Refreshment and Lunch:

1) 17 May 2018

2) 3 August 2018
3) 13 September 2018


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This course introduces and explains the total rewards approach, including the principles, theories, influences, approaches and conceptual framework for managing total rewards for an organization.


The most important concepts and theories underpinning effective reward practices are explained and illustrated, to give learners a stronger level of confidence in planning, implementing and reviewing their reward practices.


Program 6: Total Rewards 302: Compensating Expatriates and Locally Hired Foreigners (NEW!)

1 day program with Refreshment and Lunch:

1) 13 April 2018

2) 17 August 2018

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This course has been designed to equip HR professionals to understand and effectively support business and talent outcomes, when talent crosses borders.

Traditional expatriate assignments, permanent transfers, localization and local employment of foreign talent will be covered, from both global and local perspectives.

Program Facilitator: Thomas A. Farmer, CCP, SPHR, ACTA

Tom Farmer is Managing Director of Freelance Total Rewards, a Singapore-based consultancy founded in 2013. Previously, Tom led Mercer’s Asia Pacific Global Mobility consulting practice where he updated the firm’s training on expatriate compensation and trained 85 Mercer consultants. His clients included AIA, MasterCard, Sinopec and PTT Group (Thailand) where he developed a new global mobility policy for the national energy giant. Prior to joining Mercer, Tom developed and implemented a new global mobility policy for InterContinental Hotels Group, as Vice President, Compensation & Benefits, APAC. He managed hundreds of expatriate assignments, repatriated over 50 expats, localized many and introduced revised policies for both traditional expatriates and a local plus package for locally hired foreigners. He has saved companies tens of millions of dollars through effective policy and implementation strategies. Tom was also a member of Worldwide ERC’s Asia Pacific Committee.

Tom received a Meritorious Service Award from Worldwide ERC in Shanghai in 2014 and has presented his research on global mobility trends at mobility conferences in Singapore, China, Malaysia, the Philippines and the United States. His blogs on total rewards topics have been read by more than 10,000 people in 120 countries. Tom developed a compensation shared services function in the Philippines and trained more than 100 HR colleagues on rewards basics. Since 2014, Tom has trained more than 1,000 HR professionals and more than 500 line managers on total rewards topics. He is contributing author of The Remuneration Handbook, International Edition, by Dr. Mark Bussin and Dr. Fermin Diez. Mr. Farmer has more than 30 years of total rewards experience.