Activity Analysis Seminar (1)

24/05/2016- 24/05/2016

Activity Analysis Seminar Session (1)

On 24 May 2016, a full capacity filled the meeting room as plant owners, site managers and project managers in the Process Industry attended the 1st Activity Analysis Seminar. Dr Stephen Mulva, Director of Construction Industry Institute (CII), and Dr Carlos Caldas from Austin, Texas came to our sunny island to share more on how companies can improve productivity through implementing the Activity Analysis.


Activity analysis is a continuous process of measuring and improving the amount of time that craft workers spend on actual construction. This measured time is referred to as tool time, wrench time, or direct work time. During this 4 hour session, apart from being educated on the benefits of implementing Activity Analysis, attendees even had a hands-on session with the tablet that was used for tracking data.