ASPRI – JTC : Jurong Island Productivity Highlights

18/11/2015- 18/11/2015

In collaboration with JTC to look into the Jurong Island productivity, and gathering feedbacks, the invitation outreached to all top management of ASPRI members with limited seats apply.

New bus services 715, 716 and 718 to Jurong Island key destinations were introduced to our members. The whole trip gives ASPRI members a feel of the bus journey and to know the checkpoints that the bus stops. The journey halt by with a break at the Old Chang Kee food truck, where members get to try the food services catered there.

Old Chang Kee

Followed by the visit to the esteemed ASPRI-Westlite Dormitory-Papan, located at 5 Jalan Papan. ASPRI members were showcased with the showroom of the dormitory showing a well-ventilated area and facilities provided per unit of 16 bed space.

Photo 18-11-15, 11 17 03 AM Combine

This inaugural event with JTC ended with an active feedback and discussion session at JTC Summit, where ASPRI members were actively involved in.

You may access the following links for the collaterals and presentation presented. 
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