Government Assistance Schemes Sharing & Leadership Workshop

16/10/2015- 16/10/2015

As initiatives of ASPRI HR Working Committee (HRWC) and Youth Committee (YC), ASPRI had collaborated with SME Centre @ Singapore Manufacturing Federation, WDA and AJP Advisers Pte Ltd to organise the workshops on Government Assistance Programme and Leadership.

99% of Singapore’s business are SMEs and one of the biggest concern on SMEs currently is to retain talent. As an association, it is our continuous effort to listen to our members’ concern and work together with external parties to provide solutions and address the concern. ASPRI also strives to help our members to tap on the $2 billion National Productivity Fund so as to improve productivity, redesign their work processes and retain local talents.IMG_3769p

In addition, Mr. Allen from AJP Advisers had shared with our members on a holistic view on the traits of good leaders. His engaging interaction with the participants had invigorated the atmosphere throughout the workshop.IMG_3809

A tea break session was also provided by ASPRI and members took the opportunity to mingle around with one other and the session had received a good review overall. IMG_3831