Human Capital Seminar; Hiring, Managing and Retaining Talent

06/04/2018- 06/04/2018

In today’s competitive landscape, businesses operate in an ever evolving and complex environment full of unprecedented challenges. Technologies are advancing at an unprecedented rate. Individual is relatively quick to adapt to ongoing changes, but organisations are moving at a slower pace.

At ASPRI, we have recognised these elements of challenges that our members companies faced. On 6 April, together with partners from Government, Professional bodies and Digital Service providers, ASPRI HR Working Committee has organised a half-day Human Capital Seminar that focuses on key aspects of people development & management, hiring, talent retention and overview of the government grants available.

The seminar was attended by almost 50 participants from 30 companies, with majority being SMEs. It was an interactive and insightful session whereby many useful tools and government initiative & grants were shared. Such as P-Max, which is a Place-and-Train Programme to assist SMEs to better recruit, train, manage and retain their newly-hired PMETs. SMEs that successfully completed the programme will receive a one-off $5,000 assistant grant. ASPRI is P-Max sectoral multiplier and by applying P-Max through ASPRI, we can assist a smoother application process.

For more information on these useful tools and government initiatives & grants, please contact ASPRI Secretariat at 6560 5051.