Invitation to Experiential Visits at SAF Army Camp

30/10/2018- 15/11/2018

Invitation to Employers’ Visit to NS ICT at SAF Camps

Ever wonder what goes on inside our SAF Camps and what do Nsmen do during their In-Camp-Trainings?

Join us in this exclusive visits to the Employers’ Visit to Army camp on 30 October 2018. The highlight of the visit is in the eDM appended below.

As part of the ongoing efforts by the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), they also hope to recognise employers and businesses for their support for National Service through the NS Mark, a national level accreditation scheme. There are two tiers of accreditation, the NS Mark and the NS Mark (Gold). We would really like to encourage all members to  apply for the NS Mark to support National Building.

If you are interested, kindly RSVP and indicate “A Member of ASPRI” beside your company’s name during registration for the above-captioned visits to or by 24 Sep 18.