WSH Innovation Awards 2016

04/04/2016- 04/04/2016
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Dear Valued ASPRI Members,

WHS Innovation Awards 2016
We are pleased and delighted to inform you that the Annual Workplace Safety & Health Innovation Awards for the Process and Chemical Industry is back. This will be the 5th year ASPRI is collaborating with the Workplace Safety & Health Council (WSHC) to facilitate this award.

Despite a short 4 years since the first collaboration with WSHC for the prestigious award, ASPRI saw 7 Gold, 6 Silver and 1 Bronze, 9 Certificate of Participation and 3 Certificate of Appreciation. It was made possible due to the diligence and focus on workplace safety & health issues committed by our member companies.

Being an accolade of this award will acquire tangible and intangible benefits for you and your company, such as enhancing your company’s corporate image and improving productivity and workflow. On top of that, winners will also be featured on a full-page advertisement on printed media and all on-stage photo taken at the award ceremony can be used for marketing collaterals.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact Ryan at or
Kah Boon at


CLICK HERE to download the WSH Innovation Awards guidelines, and application form. 
Thank you and with best regards, 

Chantal Quek  
General Manager
ASPRI Secretariat