Provision of Express Bus Service: Queenstown MRT to PDL Checkpoint

Dear Jurong Island Community,

As you may be aware, SMRT has recently announced that from 5 June 5 to 18 Dec 2016, train services at 13 stations along the North-South and East-West MRT lines will start later on Sundays. This is to allow more time for track maintenance and renewal works on the western sector of the network (click here for revised arrival times due to the delayed MRT start time).  

In view of the delayed MRT start time, JTC will be providing express bus from Queenstown MRT directly to Jurong Island checkpoint (at Pulau Damat Laut arrival halls) on Sundays from 5 June to 18 Dec 2016. This express bus will only operate between 637am and 649am. Please board this express bus at the bus stop indicated in the map provided (see powerpoint slide). The timings for the buses are listed below:

Train Departing from Pasir Ris

Train Arrival at Queenstown

Time to walk to bus stop

Departure of bus from Bus stop

Estimated Arrival Time at PDL arrival halls

Bus trips will be tied to the arrival timings of the first 2 trains for seamless transfer










We are pleased to announce that the express bus will be free-of-charge and you will be required to board the bus by flashing your JI pass. Upon the arrival of the express bus at the PDL arrival halls, please make your own arrangements to board either JTC’s Jurong Island Bus Service or your Company’s bus to arrive at your final destination.

 As there will be an expected 12-min delay to the first two train arrival times from the east, companies may need to make your own adjustments for your employees who may arrive slightly later than usual. Companies are encouraged to adjust your company bus timings (as some have done) so as to minimise impact to your operations as well. Alternatively, your employees may choose to take this express bus service to Jurong Island. If you believe that there will be a significant number of your employees who will be taking this express bus, please provide and with the projected numbers for bus planning purpose.

 For commuters coming from the west to Jurong East, SMRT will operate a parallel bus service from Joo Koon MRT to Bukit Gombak MRT (via Jurong East MRT) in both directions. The service will operate with a 10-min interval between 530am and 7am on Sundays when train services are not available. For more information of this SMRT-operated parallel bus service, please visit SMRT’s website here or contact SMRT directly.

For commuters who live at Clementi, Dover, Buona Vista and Commonwealth, please make your way to either Jurong East or Queenstown via normal feeder or trunk services provided by SBS or SMRT.

 Thank You.