Activity Analysis Tablet Loan

Activity Analysis Tablet Loan

Available for Loan – Activity Analysis (AA) Tablets from ASPRI

We are pleased to inform you that ASPRI has purchased 2 Activity Analysis tablets and it would be available for loan to all members at no cost from 13 Feb 18 onwards. The tablet is rated intrinsically safe Class 1 Div 1 which could be used across all plants in Singapore.

As we have limited sets to be loaned, please note that it would be on a first-come-first served basis. Both tablets have been pre-loaded with the AA Programme which could be utilised immediately upon receipt.

What is Activity Analysis?

Activity Analysis (AA) is a continuous process of measuring and improving the time that craft workers spend on actual construction. This measured time is referred to as tool time, wench time, or direct work time.

AA provides the followings benefit:

  • Detailed information similar to continuous observation studies, but obtained in less time and at a lower cost
  • Ability to canvas an entire construction site
  • No disruption of the work activities of craft workers or foremen
  • Craft workers more likely to accept activity analysis compared to continuous observation
  • Desired level of accuracy possible through statistically-reliable techniques
  • Identification of specific areas for improvement

What do I need to do if I would like to borrow an AA Tablet?

Currently, measures in place to ensure project planning and control in the PCM industry are largely left to the management of individual contractors. The Certification Work Group, supported by counsel from CII, will develop a tiered productivity certification system for contractors in the PCM sector. The initiative will allow the industry the industry to certify best practices, industry-wide, for the first time.

  • 1 Please go through the guide and slides to have a deeper understanding on the process and objective of AA. (You may refer to the video guide sent to you.)
  • 2 Kindly read the Equipment Loan Agreement and if you are agreeable to the Terms and Conditions set, complete the form and submit it to ASPRI Secretariat.
  • 3 All uncompleted forms would not be accepted, and will be kept as pending status until all the necessary documents are submitted.
  • 4 All loans are only for a maximum period of 7 days, and a late charge would be incurred if the tablet is not returned timely.
  • 5 If the tablet is misplaced or damaged, a repair/replacement fee would be incurred.
  • 6 If both tablets are being loaned at the time of approval, please note that you would be placed on the waiting list and would be informed on the day of collection.

Click here to download the Equipment Loan Agreement.

If you have any further enquiries, please feel free to contact our Secretariat at 6560 5051 during office hours.

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