ASPRI Mediation for CoE Program No-Consent applications (40-21 day)

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and the Association of Process Industry (ASPRI) recognise that the labour market is tight due to restricted inflow of Work Permit holders into Singapore given the global COVID-19 situation. This has resulted in more employers looking to hire existing Work Permit holders during the 40-21 day no-consent window before the Work Permit expires.  


With effect from 1 March 2021, ASPRI will assist to mediate all no-consent applications. This means that ASPRI will discuss with the current employer, new employer and worker to better understand the circumstances of the no-consent transfer. The process will seek to arrive at an agreement between all parties, and ASPRI will submit its recommendation to MOM on whether the transfer should proceed. This will help to avert instances of any party being misled as to the full circumstances of the transfer and to prevent unreasonable wage inflation.


1) No-consent Cases Mediation Procedure :

(Auto-approval by MOM, 1st March 2021 until MOM system is updated on 21 April 2021 [tentative date])

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2) No-consent Cases Mediation Procedure :

(Not auto-approved by MOM: Pending ASPRI’s recommendation from 21 April 2021 onwards [tentative date])

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Advisory to employers:

  • Keep track of your workers’ work permit expiry dates (you may check them via WP Online).
  • Renew your workers’ work permits promptly (you can renew a Work Permit online 6 to 8 weeks before it expires - Renew a Work Permit (
  • Check-in with your workers on their interest in renewal with your company and obtain a written agreement prior to the 40 to 21 days no-consent window (terms and conditions of employment including salary details) for renewal.
  • In the event your worker wishes not to renew/ cancel his work permit and repatriate, obtain a written agreement.


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