7th Lunar Month Prayers


    7th Lunar Month Prayers

    On 4th September 2020, ASPRI conducted a prayer session for the 7th Lunar Month. This marked the 23rd year of honouring such a tradition since the establishment of the Association. This year’s event was different from that of previous years’ due to the exclusion of the dinner event. This was done in observance of the Safety Management Measures (SMM) amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

    In the morning, Executive Council (EC) members, staff and members of the Association gathered at the basement of the Trade Association Hub (TA Hub) to observe the 7th Lunar Month prayers. Each group was designated a specific prayer time slot. This was planned as such to ensure the safety of everyone and minimise any potential transmission of COVID-19 by reducing the number of people that were present at one given moment.

    Each prayer session was conducted by Mr Koh Kim Tean, the priest-in-charge. Once all prayer sessions were concluded, Mr Koh led everyone to the carpark of TA Hub where he initiated the burning of joss papers. After that, everyone headed back to TA Hub where they mingled in small groups to network and have their lunch.

    ASPRI would like to thank our members and the vendors involved in making this event possible. Albeit different from the celebration of previous years, we are still grateful to catch up with our loyal members and see their faces after a long time.


    Mr Charles Quek, President of ASPRI's 13th Executive Council, offering his prayers

    Priest Koh Kim Tean leading one of the prayer sessions

    Mass burning of joss papers