COVID-19 Collaterals

Based on the feedback received on our recent survey, ASPRI has put together a brochure pertaining key information about COVID-19 including:

  • Quick Facts
  • Important Note for employees
  • Good Practices for employers
  • Government support available

Members can view and download the brochure here. We encourage you to print it in A4 for distribution to employees.

Posters in Multiple Languages

For ease of convenience, please find below all relevant posters that you can download and put in common areas. Content include:

What is a mask for?

Masks are to protect others from catching the bug from you if you are ill. You do not need a mask if you are well. View and share the videos:


Play your part in containing the spread of COVID-19

Follow these steps to contain the spread of COVID-19. View and download the posters:


Practise good personal hygiene

Here are some good personal hygiene habits you can adopt. View and download the posters:


For more resources, please visit: