Cyber Fraud - How to Identify You are Targeted and What to do next?

  • Venue: SCCCI (Online Webinar)
  • Event Date: 08/07/2020 02:30 PM - 08/07/2020 03:00 PM
  • Registration Date: 26/06/2020 - 08/07/2020
  • Contact Person: ASPRI Admin

Seminar Registration

The increased use of internet has surged significantly as more work from home during this pandemic crisis. As a result, businesses face greater cybersecurity risks than before where data leak poses a higher risks whether by way of phishing emails or unsecured Wi-Fi networks. The lack of capability and resources to both prevent attacks and deal with the aftermath are often the targets of cybercriminals – attacking the weakest link in the chain. 

Event Objectives:  

Are we well equipped to support disruptions to businesses in the event a cyber fraud occurs? 
Are incident response plans updated and tested to handle adverse situations such as financial losses and reputational damages?
In the event of a protracted war with cyber fraud, can our infrastructure and processes handle a new way of doing business?

Event Takeaways: 

Stay Vigilant to monitor any abnormal activities and Prepare for Recovery by considering a contingency action plan. At this session, you will also learn more on the end-to-end cyber fraud detection and investigation using digital forensic technology as we share recent cases of cyberattacks.