ASPRI-WSG/SIT Outreach Programmes

05/10/2017- 05/10/2017

ASPRI-WSG/SiT Outreach Programme

Rising business costs; attracting and retaining local talents, these are common voices heard in the industry.  To address these issues, ASPRI is proud to partner with Workforce Singapore (WSG) and Singapore Institute of Technology (SiT) to organise a sharing session exclusively for all members on 5 October 2017 to discuss on schemes that could help tackle these common-faced issues by the industry.

The session had attracted close to 40 attendees coming together with Ms Jannisis Loo, Deputy Director, Career Services from SiT sharing on the Integrated Work Study Programme where the attachment period had been enhanced from 26 weeks to 12 months to ensure greater depth in the practical learning. One of the benefits is that member companies could secure future talents and groom them to take up key role position in the organisation.

Mr Jovin Teo, Senior Manager, Manufacturing Division from WSG shared mainly on 3 schemes that members might find useful to embark on:

  1. P-Max
  2. Professional Conversion Programme (PCP)
  3. Career Support Programme (CSP)

After the seminar, members were invited to a reception and many took the opportunity to network and seek advice from the experts. ASPRI would also like to thank WSG for sponsoring today’s event including the refreshment.