ASPRI Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2019 and Process Industry Dinner & Durian Appreciation Night

10/07/2019- 10/07/2019

ASPRI Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2019

ASPRI convened its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at SPRUCE @ Firestation on 10 July 2019 with more than 40 member companies in attendance.

Mr. Charles Quek, President of ASPRI 12th Executive Council, in his opening address gave a quick update on the outlook of the industry and a brief sharing on the progress that ASPRI had achieved since the last AGM. The key highlight being the completion and rolling out of all 13 WSQ Process skill sets as of June 2019 and also the 4-in-1 Training Skid. It was also announced that ASPRI will be offering members up to 50% subsidy off the 13 WSQ Process skillset course fees, in view of the enhanced R1 criteria for the Process sector that will be enforced in December 2019.

Mr. Danny Chua, Treasurer of ASPRI 12th Executive Council next gave a lucid delivery to members on ASPRI’s Audited Accounts for FY 18/19 through a graphical report.

An interesting point to note was that the session was digitalised with members encouraged to download relevant materials for viewing on their mobile phones through a weblink and to provide feedback on an online platform.

The AGM concluded under an hour, giving members opportunity to connect and engage with one another.

Process Industry Dinner & Durian Appreciation Night

With the refreshing educational and experiential elements injected into our networking events, ASPRI organised its very first Process Industry Dinner & Durian Appreciation Night for all its members and its industry partners at SPRUCE @ Firestation.

ASPRI invited speakers to share on 2 topics:

  • Personality Diversity Indicator – How to understand personalities and work with people who may be different from you.
  • Hiring Strategies – How to attract and retain top talent in your organisation.

The most anticipated highlight of the night was the commencement of the inaugural Durian Appreciation where 4 cultivars of durian were served to the guests. The interactive session demystifying myths about durian were shared and it was great time where members indulged in the “kampong spirit” where durians were opened and people were eating and chatting with one another. ASPRI received many positive feedback and we would like to thank e2i for supporting this memorable networking night.