Asian Downstream Summit 2017

25/10/2017- 26/10/2017

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Dear Valued ASPRI Members,

How do digital technologies impact key Oil & Gas processes

ASPRI is proud to announce that we are the Silver Media Partner for the upcoming 10th Anniversary Asian Downstream Summit 2017 which is held in conjunction with the Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW). As such, all ASPRI Members get to enjoy 25% discount to attend the conference and if you are interested to take up an exhibition booth, members stand to enjoy a 10% discount.

If digital technologies/digitalisation is your area of responsibility, or you are interested in learning more about the impact of digital technologies on oil & gas processes, then join us at the 10th Anniversary Asian Downstream Summit (25 – 26 Oct 2017) in Singapore.

As mentioned in this press release, digital innovations are redefining businesses, clients and customers experience. Thus, it has been a push for downstream operators to move into the era of ‘smart’ technology as they want to be able to improve their operational excellence, reduce capital expenditure and optimise performance.

Over the last decade, an unprecedented array of technologies have become available to the oil and gas industry. There has been a steady flow of technological innovations that have impacted the downstream sector as the industry transitions to digitisation.

Smart technology, process control, ERP systems, procurement portals and intelligent refinery are just a few examples of technological advancements with big potential for finding and refining more oil, cutting operational costs, and improving performance.

Are you capitalising on these new technologies to improve your bottom-line?

If yes, our dedicated track on digitalisation will help you better understand how to:

  1. Encompass many connected players and machines through a broad ecosystem
  2. Achieve industry-wide integration of technologies
  3. Reduce downtime by using intelligent sensor management technology
  4. Refine safety, reliability, security and efficiency by merging IT and OT systems
  5. Minimise risks by utilising Real-Time Dynamic Quantitative Risk Assessments
  6. Remote plant, value and pressure controls via mobile technology

600+ industry leaders will attend the 10th Anniversary Asian Downstream Summit to conduct meetings and expand business opportunities. Will you be one of them?

Simply register online today and start planning your trips! Please only use this link to register ( and indicate “A Member of ASPRI” beside your company’s name during registration.

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