ASPRI / SCB Joint Process Industry Night

12/03/2015- 12/03/2014
ASPRI : SCB Joint Process Industry Night

In line with ASPRI’s continual quest of encouraging members on improving their businesses, ASPRI Membership & General Affairs Committee organised a Process Industry Night, sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), giving SME a seminar on financial management.

Mr. Gareth Scully, the Head of Cash Management on SME Banking from SCB gave the opening speech and invited Mr. Steven Nah, Vice-Chairman of ASPRI Membership & General Affairs Committee to give a welcome address.

Ms. Audrey Goh, an investment strategist from SCB shared with members the economic outlook for 2014. She shared SCB’s prediction on various countries’ economics such as US, Europe, Japan, and China. While most of the developed markets such as US and Europe were expected to loosen their bias on global central banks, emerging markets such as China & Japan were expected to tighten their bias on global central banks.

Ms. Joanne Archana Bala, Manager of Market Promotion Division from IE Singapore elaborated on how they can enable ASPRI members to become Globally Competitive Companies (GCC) through Global Company Partnership Program (GCP). She elaborated on the Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) scheme that was part of GCP. MRA consist of the three pillars; information, learning, and financial assistance that ASPRI members can apply for in their process of becoming a GCC.

Mr. Lim D.C, Head of Medium Enterprises SME Banking from Standard Chartered Bank gave a brief on SCB and educated members on working capital. He shared with members on some of the cash management services that SCB provides and facilities catering to companies’ trade cycle. He also elaborated on the benefits and common misconceptions on receivables services.

The night ended with Mr. Francis Tay, Treasurer of ASPRI giving out certificates of membership to welcome new ASPRI members. There was a good turnout of almost 90 participants from 58 companies for the event. Overall, members find the seminar.

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