ASPRI – SPRING: 2nd Process Industry Roundtable Discussion with SIMTech

23/01/2018- 23/01/2018

Last year, ASPRI together with Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC) and Construction Industry Institute (CII) from the University of Texas, organised 2 BPPII training seminars on 25 May 2017 and 27 July 2017 for both plant owners and ASPRI members. A circular had also been sent to all members on 2 June 2017 as we shared the resources that were used during the training seminars.

The BPPII is a tool designed to help project managers or superintendents plan productivity enhancing jobsite activities. It enables managers to identify practices with low implementation levels on their projects and helps them carry out practices that would positively affect productivity.

Benefit of the BPPII

The BPPII can be utilised to fit the needs of almost any individual industrial project and provides the following:

  • A list of the essential practices that need to be planned and implemented on a project
  • A checklist that determines the level of planning and implementation of these best productivity practices
  • A list of strategies to achieve higher levels of implementation of best productivity practices

Key findings have shown that there are two main areas of improvement across the 3 different types of projects (New Construction, Maintenance, Shutdown/Turnaround) – Material Management and Equipment Logistics.

Upon receiving these results, ASPRI immediately took initiative to engage SIMTech to discuss on possible ready solutions that could be used to improve these issues. ASPRI then organised a roundtable meeting on 4 July 2017 engaging SPRING Singapore to share on the funding available, and also getting both plant owners and ASPRI members to tackle the root of the issue and identify the compatibility of these ready solutions that SIMTech proposed. The first roundtable discussion was well received, many were calling for a second roundtable discussion.

The second roundtable discussion recently took place on 23 Jan 2018. Members were given a tour of the Manufacturing Control Tower (MCT) and also a demo on the various solutions that were presented during the first roundtable discussion. If you were unable to join us for the second roundtable meeting due to prior commitment, appended herein is a list of solutions that SIMTech has provided. You may click on the QR code which would direct you to a link and it would contain information of the solution and the cost involved.

If you are interested in knowing more or have any enquiries regarding any of these solutions, you may contact Mr. Wong Ming from SIMTech at .

Please indicate “A Member of ASPRI” when writing to him, for identification purpose and you may be invited for a further discussion with other Plant Owners and ASPRI Members when we call for the next meeting.

We would like to urge all members to come on board to have a closer look into the daily on-site processes and how we can better improve productivity levels in the process industry.

[CLICK HERE] for the list of solutions suggested by SIMTech