BFI@SMU Knowledge Series: The New Age of AI for Family Business

19/02/2020- 19/02/2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the rise, and very rapidly so. But while the hype is spreading quickly and affecting every industry, business leaders of the world would need to know, ‘Beyond the hype, what can AI do for my business and how can I go about doing so?’

The long-awaited first Business Families Institute (BFI)@SMU event of the year is here, and ASPRI is pleased to share with you their event on AI with a panel comprising of:

  • Mr Danny Chua – Managing Director, CYC International Pte Ltd & ASPRI Treasurer
  • Mr Arthur Chua – Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Goldbell Group
  • Mr Ryan Yap – Head of Growth, YCH Group
  • Mr Geng Xuesong – Associate Professor of Strategic Management, SMU
  • Commentator: Professor Annie Koh – Academic Director, BFI@SMU
  • Moderator: Ms Annabelle Chiong – Deputy Director, SGInnovate


  • Strictly for members who are from business families and 2 per family.
  • Do indicate “A Member of ASPRI” beside your company name during registration.

To register, please click on this weblink.