Employers’ Visit to Armour Battalion 474 SAR on NS In-Camp-Training

17/05/2018- 17/05/2018

Employers reinforce support for NS during visit to 474 Singapore Armoured Regiment In-Camp Training

90 employers were treated to a hands-on experience at a specially organised visit to Sungei Gedong Camp, where NSmen from the 474 Singapore Armoured Regiment (SAR) showcased some of the latest technological hardware used in armoured warfare. The visit, held on 17 May, allowed employers to tour the unit’s state-of-the-art training simulators, and provided an insight into the training capabilities available to the NSmen of 474 SAR, who were undergoing their 6th In-Camp Training (ICT) cycle.

Group photo before the start of exciting hands-on activities ahead!

Employers were given the opportunity to climb aboard the Leopard 2SG Main Battle Tank, sample army food rations and also get a feel of the weaponry utilised by soldiers today. This included the SAR 21 assault rifle and General Purpose Machine Guns, as well as the Matador anti-armour weapon system. The highlight of the tour for employers was the chance to try their hand at the realistic Armour Driving Simulator (ADS), as well as the Armour Gunnery and Manoeuvre Simulator (AGMS), at the Armour Simulation Centre. These simulators put them through basic driving scenarios over difficult terrain, and allowed them to try firing at long-distance targets, respectively.

Employers from TechGems Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd (2nd from left: Echo Soh – Office Manager, Tan Khim Hui – Project Manager and Tan Hong Seng Jimmy – Director), a member company of ASPRI,  intently listening on as the NSman on ICT explains about the different vehicles at the static display


This visit was organised by the National Service Directorate as part of efforts to give employers a better understanding of what their NSmen staff go through during their ICT.

As a sign of support towards their NSman employees, employers pledged their support towards National Defence through NS Mark during the visit. NS Mark is a national-level accreditation scheme that recognises businesses and organisations which have implemented HR policies and practices that support National Service (NS) and Total Defence.

For some employers, it was also a chance to look back on their own NS journeys. Two employers participating in the visit also served in the Armour Formation decades ago, and it was an invaluable opportunity for them to take a trip down memory lane.

Mr Francis Tay, Managing Director of Kaoson Integrated Engineering Pte Ltd. and also Vice President of ASPRI’s Executive Council recollected, “This visit brought back many old memories for me. I remember going out on exercises with the Simfire simulators, which is very different from the new digital technology that we see today. It is an eye-opener for employers because it helps us to appreciate and recognise the training that our employees undergo during reservist. I can also see that the training has helped my employees hone their leadership skills and made them more independent.”

Echoing the sentiment was Mr Paul Teo, Vice President of Speedmark and Deputy Chairman of SAAA@Singapore. He said, “I was in 40 SAR, so this was very nostalgic for me. After spending so many years here training as a full-time NSman and during my reservist period, some of the buildings have definitely changed after almost 40 years. Digital simulators were not available in those days, and I used to handle the old AMX 13 tank, so this visit definitely refreshed those memories but also allowed us to see the advancements that have been made over time.”

Concluding the visit, Director of National Service Affairs, Colonel (NS) Simon Lim thanked employers for taking the time to visit the camp and develop a better understanding of NS. Colonel (NS) Lim said: “It was good to see employers trying out the various simulated platforms, which is as close as one can get to the real scenarios. I think this visit gave employers a good sense of what NSmen do during their ICT, and I hope that they will continue to support NS and appreciate the contributions of their NSmen employees.”

Supportive employers and businesses are encouraged to come on board NS Mark, as they can be recognised for their support for NS and Total Defence.  Find out more about NS Mark today at www.NSmark.sg or email NSOutreach_NSD@defence.gov.sg.