Productivity Improvement Forum 2017

26/07/2017- 26/07/2017

The second Productivity Improvement Forum was held on 26 July 2017 at The JTC Summit.  As the various Work Groups’ projects with Construction Industry Institution (CII) – National University of Singapore (NUS) approached the end of second year, it was organised for the sharing of new findings and updates.

Mr. Koh Yak Boo, Chairman of the Productivity Council (PC) kicked off the forum with a summary of the progress made. Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) presented an overview on Singapore’s Energy & Chemicals cluster, the local productivity landscape and the overall intent to enhance Singapore’s Process Construction & Maintenance (PCM) sector to the 1st quartile of PCM productivity in Asia by 2020, as well as the impeding need for the industry to adopt digitisation.

SPRING Singapore shared how it had supported Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Industry Level Productivity, including the adoption of tools and machinery to increase productivity and reduce manpower in tank overhaul and maintenance work. It also explained how the Capability Development Grant had been supporting PCM SMEs on mechanisation, automation, digitalisation and other productivity improvement efforts.

Contractors and plant owners were encouraged to work together in sourcing, implementing and standardising these system level solutions, which SPRING could support for industry level mass adoption.

Updates from the various work groups include the path forward for the joint-collaboration between plant owners and contractors to translate the Activity Analysis data into action plan and how the results from the BPPII, 10-10, Productivity Benchmarking, and mechanisation index could help further improve the industry’s productivity.

Mr. Georges Grosliere, former Co-Chairman of the Process Construction & Maintenance Management Committee (PCMMC), helped to wrap up the session by encouraging the plant owners and contractors to continue the journey together to achieve the fruits of all the exercises conducted by the various work groups.