SCIC Sharing Forum — Gearing up Industry 4.0_24 October 2019

24/10/2019- 24/10/2019

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Dear Valued ASPRI Members,


SCIC Sharing Forum — Gearing up Industry 4.0_24 October 2019

Be it whether you are tech-savvy or not, I believe that we all heard of the term “Digitalisation” and it is something that we can run away from now, but not forever.

There are many reasons why companies are embarking on this change. Some took the leap of faith to implement digitalisation to their work processes because they need to gain speed and agility, while others just wants to save cost. All in all, digitalising your organisation can give you a competitive advantage by doing things better, faster and cheaper!

As such, ASPRI is pleased to inform you that SCIC, through positive feedbacks from last year’s Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific (ITAP) 2018, will continue their effort as part of the building capacity in organising the sharing forum in conjunction with this year ITAP

For this year’s programme, there will be more industry sharing from the various sector within the chemical industry on their transformation journey as well as from the government agencies.

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