Changes to the Employment Act (EA) and what it means for YOU!

06/03/2019- 06/03/2019

Concerned with the changes to the Employment Act (EA) that will take effect on 01 April 2019 to member companies, ASPRI collaborated with Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) and Mr. Jeffrey Lim from Joyce A. Tan & Partners LLP to organise a seminar supported by the Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) to understand these changes to the employment act and how to mitigate legal disputes.

The first seminar of 2019 was met with over-subscription, leading to ASPRI scrambling for a bigger venue to accommodate as many interested members as possible.

The seminar was conducted in an interactive and relatable manner that left the audience considerably amused. Members who attended were also able to have many of their concerns and queries answered directly by our speakers, who are known experts in their respective fields.

The event was also filled with many goodies. Members in attendance were introduced to worthwhile HR related grants and programmes such as P-MAX (ASPRI) and Place-and-Train from e2i. They were also given an attractive discount code from SHRI for related courses aligned with the seminar’s theme.

ASPRI would like to thank everybody for their support and look forward to hosting more of such fruitful seminars for our members in the year ahead.