Strategic Thinking for Leaders – An Essential Skill in Today’s Turbulent Times

16/10/2018- 16/10/2018

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Dear Valued ASPRI Members,

Strategic Thinking for Leaders – An Essential Skill in Today’s Turbulent Times

The average life of an organisation has been reduced by 50 years in the last 50 years. In the 1950s, it was 67 years; today, it is 17 years, and the impact of that 50-year difference is immense.

Leaders now need to be increasingly more aware of their strategic landscape, conscious of their business operating model and constantly thinking strategically. This dramatic change in business transformation is affected by artificial intelligence, algorithms, augmented and virtual reality, nanotechnology, and other new technologies. Many companies race to adopt digital transformation while others run a race to stay in business.

The need to be constantly changing calls for rewiring organizations and provoking leaders’ thinking. This one-day workshop—Strategic Thinking for Leaders—provides the opportunity to discuss what is affecting your business and at what pace it needs to move to survive.

Not every organisation needs to advance at the same pace. For example, the luxury goods market has been slow in adopting the digital age because of the high barrier of entry into this market. Also, when customers interact digitally with a brand, the company wants it to be the same high level as their products. Due to high barrier of entry, they can afford to be followers instead of leaders. Compare this to financial intuitions where the need for digital and artificial intelligence constantly accelerates. For example, more money is being invested in Fintech than any other area of digital.

In addition, leaders feel conflicted between managing for the short-term and leading for the long-term. They often struggle to step back and view the industry trends, the strategy shifts and the influence of innovations. This causes a strategic blindness that can be expensive and even fatal to the organisation.

The challenge for leaders is to recognize the changes ahead.

This workshop discusses the skills you need to be a strategic thinker at both a macro and micro level while providing ways to test your ability as an effective strategic thinker. It is a thought-provoking, tools-enhancing workshop that explains how to become more strategic in your thinking while managing the day-to-day business.

Workshop Outline:

  • Learn the four critical characteristics of thinking strategically.
  • Develop and practice every day practical strategic thinking habits.
  • Understand the importance of an organisation’s strategic inflection point and its implications.
  • Apply Business Model Disruption (BMD) to your organization.

Administrative Details

Date: 16 October 2018, Tuesday
Time: 9:00am to 5:30pm
Venue: SCCCI Conference Room

Trade Association Hub

9 Jurong Town Hall Road #04-01

Singapore 609431

Fees: $20 (SCCCI Members)

$50 (Public)

Kindly indicate “A member of ASPRI” beside your company name during registration.

Who should attend:

Business owners, CEO’s, Founders, Managing Directors, CMO’s/Marketing Heads eager to learn how to become more strategic in business thinking while managing the day-to-day business or for those at the start of their transition.


Robin Speculand, Founder & CEO, Bridges Business Consultancy Int

Robin is the founder and chief executive of Bridges Business Consultancy Int, a Global Pioneer & Expert in Strategy Implementation. His work begins as clients crafted their strategy and prepare to discuss the implementation. He is one of the most prolific writers and thinkers on strategy implementation and has published three international best sellers on the subject, Excellence in Execution: HOW to Implement Strategy, Beyond Strategy: The Leader’s Role in Successful Implementation and Bricks to Bridges: Make Your Strategy Come Alive. He is also the inventor of the Implementation Hub, the first portal in the world dedicated to implementation and co-founder of the Strategy Implementation Institute.


Robin is a masterful event facilitator and an engaging speaker. His work has been featured widely in the media, including BBC Global, CNBC, Channel News Asia, Sunday Telegraph and Financial Times.


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