Unveiling of ASPRI Signage with New Logo

05/03/2015- 05/03/2015

On the auspicious day of the Chinese Lantern Festival on 5 Mar 15, the Executive Council together with the staff from ASPRI and ASPRI-IPI were dressed for the occasion and waited enthusiastically for the unveiling of ASPRI new signage with the our new logo at the Secretariat Office.

The mixed feelings of happiness and excitement surrounded all of us when the lion dance troupe performed their ritual for the logo unveiling. In fact, some of our neighbours were enthralled and immense with happiness to witness the ceremony together with us.

As it was still the Chinese Lunar New Year season, all of us took this opportunity to have our annual prosperity “Lo Hei”. Wishes for the prosperity of the members of the Association and the well-being of the individuals were some of the blessing that we wished for.

In closing, our President, together with our Council Members gave words of encouragement and motivation for our staff to strive towards our Vision “To be a Visible and Credible Partner in the Process Industry” and connect our members to key private and government stakeholders, engaging members in strategic partnerships and encourage growth opportunities, and we look forward another Blessed Year Ahead!