Since the onset of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019), we understand that many companies have instituted various measures to protect their employees. Although the situation is stabilising, the Association has also received feedback that many employees and their families are concerned with exposure to COVID-19.

At this juncture, we encourage employers to continue having regular communication with employees to reassure them of their wellbeing and measures in place. To facilitate this, ASPRI has put together information relevant to the Process Industry, including materials that you can share with your employees. The information below can help you provide nimble, specifically tailored responses to the ongoing outbreak.

The Association will continue to monitor the situation and strive to keep members updated on the latest developments.

Relevant Advisories

25 Mar 2020: Employers advised to plan for more sustainable housing options for their workers usually housed in Malaysia
25 Mar 2020: MOM entry approval and SHN requirements for work pass holders from Malaysia
25 Mar 2020: Joint statement by the Singapore Tourism Board, ESG and SPF
25 Mar 2020: Joint ministerial statement to affirm commitment to ensuring supply chain connectivity
24 Mar 2020: Tighter measures to Minimise Further Spread of COVID-19
24 Mar 2020: Further Measures to Help Companies Cope with COVID-19 Situation
23 Mar 2020: All Travellers Arriving In SG From 27 Mar, 0900 Hours, Must Submit Health Declaration
22 Mar 2020: Additional Border Control Measures to Reduce Further Importation of COVID-19 Cases
20 Mar 2020: Stricter Safe Distancing Measures to Prevent Further Spread of COVID-19 Cases
20 Mar 2020: Companies Encouraged to Impose LOA for Employees Returning Between 14 And 20 March 2020
19 Mar 2020: Temporary Housing Support for Employers Affected by Malaysia’s Movement Control Order
18 Mar 2020: MOM Entry Approval and Stay-Home Notices Now Covers All New and Existing Work Pass Holders
18 Mar 2020: Additional Measures for Travellers to Prevent Further Importation of COVID-19 Cases
17 Mar 2020: Help for workers affected by lockdown in Malaysia
17 Mar 2020: Accommodating Workers Affected By Lockdown in Malaysia
16 Mar 2020: Advisory for employers on employees’ non-essential travel in response to updated travel advisory
16 Mar 2020: Health Clearance Requirements for entry to Singapore in view of COVID-19 situation
15 Mar 2020: Additional Precautionary Measures to Prevent Further Importation of COVID-19 Cases
15 Mar 2020: MOM Entry Approval and SHN Extended to ASEAN Countries, Japan, Switzerland and UK
13 Mar 2020: Additional Precautionary Measures to Prevent Further Importation and Spread of COVID-19 Cases
13 Mar 2020: MOM Entry Approval and Stay-Home Notices Extended to Italy, France, Spain and Germany
13 Mar 2020: Advisory on Social Distancing Measures at the Workplace
11 Mar 2020: Tripartite Partners Update Advisory on Managing Excess Manpower & Responsible Retrenchment
03 Mar 2020: Additional Precautionary Measures in Response to Escalating Global Situation
03 Mar 2020: MOM Entry Approval and Stay-Home Notices Extended to More Countries
25 Feb 2020: Entry Approval Requirement for Employers with WPHs returning from Daegu & Cheongdo
25 Feb 2020: Additional Precautionary Measures in Response to Escalating Situation in Daegu and Cheongdo
23 Feb 2020: Public Health Travel Advisory in Response to Cases of COVID-19 in Republic of Korea
18 Feb 2020: Coping with COVID-19: Economic Measures for Companies and Workers
18 Feb 2020: Advisory for Employers if a Confirmed/ Suspect Case of COVID-19 is Detected at Workplace
17 Feb 2020: Implementation of New Stay-Home Notice
16 Feb 2020: “SG Clean” Campaign Launched to Rally Public & Businesses to Work Together to Keep SG Clean
15 Feb 2020: Advisory for Businesses on Large-Scale Events Amidst the COVID-19 Situation
07 Feb 2020: Requirements for Employers Who Have WPHs With Travel History to Mainland China
07 Feb 2020: Advisory for Workplace Measures in Response to DORSCON Orange by MOM, NTUC & SNEF
07 Feb 2020: Risk Assessment Raised to DORSCON Orange
02 Feb 2020: Frequently Asked Questions on the COVID-19
01 Feb 2020: Advisory on the COVID-19 for Businesses by the Ministry of Trade & Industry (MTI)

What to do if there is a suspected case at your workplace?

According to MOM’s guidelines,

For suspect cases, employers should:

  1. Identify close contacts
  2. Notify others of test outcomes
  3. Get employees to monitor health, adopt good personal hygiene, see a doctor immediately and stay home if unwell

For confirmed cases, employers should:

  1. Cooperate with contact tracing officers from MOH
  2. Vacate and cordon-off the area where the case worked; no need to evacuate floor/building if there’s no sustained and close contact
  3. Clean and disinfect thoroughly:
  4. Consider providing additional medical coverage

For more information, members can visit

Guide on Business Continuity Planning for Wuhan Coronavirus

Enterprise Singapore (ESG), supported by the Singapore Business Federation (SBF), has prepared a guide on business continuity planning for enterprises to help companies better manage potential business operational risks posed by the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Please note that this guide is non-exhaustive, and should be read in conjunction with the latest relevant advisories issued by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and other government agencies.

Due to the evolving situation of the Wuhan Coronavirus, the guide might be updated without prior notice to reflect new developments.

The latest version of the guide can be found HERE.

‘Overcoming COVID-19 together' Brochure

Based on the feedback received on our recent survey, ASPRI has put together a brochure pertaining key information about COVID-19 including:

  • Quick Facts
  • Important Note for employees
  • Good Practices for employers
  • Government support available

Members can download the brochure HERE, print it in A4 for distribution to employees.

Posters in Multiple Languages

For ease of convenience, please find below all relevant posters that you can download and put in common areas. Content include:

What is a mask for

Masks are to protect others from catching the bug from you if you are ill. You do not need a mask if you are well. Download the videos:

See a doctor

See a doctor if you have mild flu-like symptoms. Download the posters:

It’s orange now, but you can stay safe with the 5M’s

Do your part in containing the spread of COVID-19, download the posters:

Practise good personal hygiene

Here are some good personal hygiene habits you can adopt. Download the posters:

For more resources, please visit:

Videos in Multiple Languages

To help our migrant workers to better understand the COVID-19 situation in Singapore, Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has gone a step further to produce a videos in multiple languages. ASPRI strongly encourages members to share these videos to your workers so as to put them and their families at ease. by sending the links to their phones.

 Workers talking about COVID-19

Two videos featuring Bangladeshi and Indian FWs sharing their thoughts about COVID-19, the importance of practising good personal hygiene habits and not to believe and spread fake news.



Be socially responsible

It is important to practise good personal hygiene habits. Find out what are the proper steps to wash your hands, use a thermometer, and wear a mask if one is unwell.

English & Mandarin

Tamil & Bengali