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2 May 20 to 8 May 20

08 May 2020

1. Easing the tighter circuit breaker measures, preparing for gradual resumption of activity after 1 June 2020

The Multi-Ministry Taskforce will ease some of the tighter circuit breaker measures, which were announced on 21 April 2020, progressively over the coming weeks.

At the same time, the Taskforce is preparing for the safe and gradual resumption of economic and community activities after the end of the circuit breaker period on 1 June 2020. They will be tapping on digital solutions, such as the SafeEntry check-in system, and deploying them more pervasively when these activities are resumed.


2. Greater Observance of Safe Distancing Measures in Foreign Worker Housing

The Inter-agency Task Force (ITF) has stepped up inspections of foreign worker housing premises to ensure that living conditions are acceptable, and safe distancing measures are adhered to.

The Forward Assurance and Support Teams (FAST) have observed that the majority of foreign worker residents across all housing types are adhering to the safe distancing measures implemented at their residences. These include purpose-built dormitories (PBDs), factory-converted dormitories (FCDs), construction temporary quarters (CTQs) and private residential premises (PRPs).


3. New cloth masks for all residents as Singapore ramps up production

All residents are set to receive locally produced, reusable cloth masks in a third mask distribution exercise. The masks, whose production was ramped up recently, will be more comfortable to wear and have better filtration qualities.

Singapore has been building up its supply of new cloth masks and will distribute them to all residents towards the end of the circuit breaker period, which ends on June 1, said Trade Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing.


4. WSH Alert Accident Advisory

Last week, there were 2 advisories issues by the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council.

2-month extension for Mandatory Safety and Health Management System (SHMS)

In view of the extension to the Circuit Breaker (CB) period, and considering that companies may face challenges in making arrangements for mandatory SHMS audits shortly after the CB period, the Ministry of Manpower will grant a 2-month extension to the expiry date of SHMS audits that expired between 7 April 2020 and 15 June 2020 inclusively.

The Singapore Accreditation Council’s accredited Auditing Organisations that are performing the mandatory SHMS and risk management (RM) audits are to note that:

  • Mandatory SHMS audits will be suspended until 1 June 2020; and
  • bizSAFE companies can write to WSH Council for an extension and it will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

WSH Council curated photo library on best practices for machinery safety

Amputations remained the second highest type of major injuries at the workplace over the last five years. However, they are often overlooked even though there is about one amputation case every three days.

As most of amputation injuries involve the use of machinery, the WSH Council has curated a photo library depicting some of the best practices on Machinery Safety for industry cross-sharing and learning. Contributed by numerous manufacturing companies, these photos showcase machines commonly used in the Metalworking, Food & Beverage Manufacturing and Woodworking sectors, and their practical safety features, to prevent amputation.

Members may download the photo library on machinery safety for your company here.

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