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[Clarification] Construction, Marine And Process Sectors Piloting Tightened Process To Bring In Workers To Complement Workforce

07 Jul 2021

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Ref No: 070721 (2)
UEN: S97SS0046G

[Clarification] Construction, Marine and Process Sectors Piloting Tightened Process to Bring in Workers to Complement Workforce
In reference to the circular we sent on 08 June [Ref No.: 080621 (4)], the Association would like to update our members on the following details.

The Association would like to clarify that a few companies in the Marine and Construction sectors have been selected to embark on a small scale initial pilot to test out the tightened end-to-end processes.

The Economic Development Board (EDB) has informed ASPRI that the Process sector can be included in subsequent pilots.

ASPRI is now working with a global healthcare provider and EDB to jointly establish these end-to-end processes in preparation for subsequent pilots.

We will share more details once available as we seek your patience and understanding in this matter.
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