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News Recap - 06 Jun to 12 Jun

12 Jun 2020

1. Strong monitoring, meritocratic government, tech abilities aided Singapore’s battle against COVID-19

Strong monitoring and detection, a meritocratic government and a “high degree” of technological sophistication helped make Singapore one of the safest places to live during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Those qualities helped Singapore execute effective quarantines as well as social distancing and mandatory mask-wearing, the Deep Knowledge Group survey of 200 countries and territories said.

The report credits Singapore’s use of location data, video camera footage and the app TraceTogether, which tracks and records close encounters with infected people, for helping to contain the virus.

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2. 5,500 migrant workers from 40 dorms approved to resume work in Singapore

Some 5,500 migrant workers from 40 dormitories here were cleared to resume working from 9 June 2020, Tuesday, following the completion of necessary preparations. They were among the first batch of 60 dormitories that the Government declared clear of COVID-19 infection last week.

The remaining 20 dormitories are still in the process of making the necessary arrangements that would allow their residents to resume work. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) also said that another 30 dormitories were added to the COVID-free list on Tuesday.

These 30 dormitories include a purpose-built dormitory (PBD), 14 blocks of recovered workers in eight PBDs, and 29 factory converted dormitories (FCDs) and construction temporary quarters (CTQs). Once they make the necessary preparations as instructed by the Government, their 8,400 migrant workers will be able to return to work.

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3. Singapore chatbot helps doctors monitor migrant workers’ health in real time

A chatbot powered with artificial intelligence technology has been put to use at six migrant worker dormitories in Singapore, to allow doctors to monitor residents’ health in real time and intervene quickly when necessary.

The platform, named SGDormBot, was developed by National University Health System (NUHS) in partnership with AI health care start-up, Bot MD.

Using widely available social messaging applications such as WhatsApp, the bot reminds infected residents in the dorms to monitor their temperature, heart rate and oxygen levels, using their native language. The bot also sends NUHS clinicians a text message alert whenever there are abnormal vital signs reported, allowing them to intervene quickly through remote consultations.

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4. 12 Practical Ways Remote Workers Can Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

While working from home is a great fit for many people, it comes with its own set of challenges. Remote workers are usually operating from their own desks at home. Without intending to, they can fall into a very sedentary lifestyle that could lead long-term negative health consequences.

Here are 12 tips shared by Forbes to keep moving and stay healthy, all while working from homes:

1.    Add exercise to calendar
2.    Make self-care a priority
3.    Make exercise more productive
4.    Find ways to be active while working
5.    Maximise technology
6.    Use a fitness tracker
7.    Try an online timer
8.    Stand and walk in place
9.    Take breaks away from desk
10.    Set clear boundaries
11.    Mark meetings that allow for walking
12.    Find activities that motive you

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5. WSH Alert Accident Advisory

There were 2 advisories issues by the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council between last Saturday and today.

Grace period of 2 months for mandatory Safety and Health Management System (SHMS) audits upon resumption of workplace operation

With the phased and controlled resumption of work activities announced by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce, workplaces with mandatory SHMS audits due during the Circuit Breaker period will be allowed to have the audit conducted within 2 months from the resumption of workplace operation. For example, workplaces that resumed operation on 2 June 2020 must conduct the next mandatory SHMS audit by 2 August 2020.

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Accident Notification: Worker fell off parapet wall

On 2 June 2020, two workers were carrying out repair works on a sawdust extractor that was positioned next to a parapet wall. To reach the side of the extractor, one of the workers stood on the parapet wall, lost his footing and fell 12 metres to the ground. The worker was conveyed to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

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