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News Recap – 08 Aug to 14 Aug

14 Aug 2020

1. Tracking Workers’ Health with Mobile Apps, Wearable Devices

As the economy and travel gradually restart, migrant workers re-entering both the country and the workforce pose potential COVID-19 risks. To address this, the authorities have turned to digital technology, using tools like apps and wearable GPS devices to keep track of their health and movements.

Senior government officials told The Straits Times that such technological solutions have led to great savings in manpower and resources, and it would be otherwise unthinkable to handle the vast numbers and logistics involved.

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2. New COVID-19 Cases Detected at Cleared Dormitories; Workers in Dorms to be Swabbed Every 14 Days

There have been new cases detected at dormitories declared to be cleared of the coronavirus and the authorities are monitoring the situation to manage the risk of new outbreaks.

A joint statement by the Ministry of Manpower, the Building and Construction Authority, the Economic Development and the Health Promotion Board on Tuesday (Aug 11) pointed to fresh infections in cleared dormitories without providing any details on the numbers affected.

It said that safeguards have been put in place to make sure that the intensive efforts spent over the past four months on the dormitories so far do not go to waste.

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3. All Dorms Cleared of COVID-19 by Ministry of Manpower as of Aug 11

All dormitories, with the exception of 17 blocks in six purpose-built dormitories which serve as quarantine facilities, have been declared to be clear of the coronavirus by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) as of Tuesday (Aug 11).  

This brings to a close a four-month long effort by the authorities since a number of dormitories were first gazetted as isolation areas in April.

With the latest clearance, four in five, or 315,000 workers in the construction, marine and process sectors – which have been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus – have been given the green light to resume work.

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4. Ministry of Manpower (MOM): National Jobs Council (NJC) Curated 92,000 New Job Opportunities as at End-July

As at end-July 2020, NJC  has curated 92,000 new job opportunities and 24,000 jobseekers have been placed into jobs, revealed the inaugural Jobs Situation Report by MOM.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government has stepped up support for both the employers and workers. These efforts, which are now coordinated through the NJC, include the SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package which aims to support close 100,000 jobseekers by expanding job, traineeship, attachment and training opportunities.

To help jobseekers better access these opportunities, the new Jobs Situation Report will provide weekly updates on the jobs situation in Singapore, highlighting the opportunities available for jobseekers and how they can be accessed.

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5. Has COVID-19 Changed Employees’ Expectations of HR?

Head of HR APAC, Yvonne Teo, from ADP shares the ‘clear challenges’ leaders must prepare to face in these turbulent times.

While the future is uncertain, Yvonne Teo, believes the challenges facing HR leadership are clear. Besides the additional pressure from company leaders to perform, the COVID-19 pandemic has also changed employees’ expectations of HR, according to Yvonne’s observations.

Key takeaways from this interview with Human Resources Director media:

  1. Management should trust their employees to perform while working from home
  2. Management should frequently update their employees on Company’s plans and individual performance
  3. Goals of leadership and employees complementary if managed effectively


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