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News Recap - 11 Jul to 17 Jul

17 Jul 2020

1. Resuming Business Activities Make Sure You Have These Safe Management Measures In Place

With more businesses in Singapore resuming activities during Phase Two of reopening, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has put together a checklist of safe management measures required at the workplace for the resumption of business activities, as well as what companies must be prepared to show when inspected by any government agency.

Employers in Singapore should note that the Government will take action against errant employers, including the cessation of operations and enforcement.   While this checklist is released by Singapore's MOM, we're confident it will come in handy for HR leaders across the region as your organisations prepare to resume business activities over the next few weeks/months.

The checklist has been split into four key parts (click on the link to jump straight to each part): 


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2. Singapore Researchers Discover Antibodies that Can Neutralise Virus, Paving Way For Better Treatment

The search for antibodies that can neutralise the coronavirus in a Covid-19 patient can be like looking for a needle in a haystack, but researchers in Singapore have prevailed.

They have found antibodies, a key element of the human immune system, that bind to four important sites of the coronavirus.

In binding to these sites, the antibodies prevent the virus from either hijacking a human cell, or replicating inside of it.

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3. New Contact Tracing Device And Check-in System On Trial At Worksite

Surbana Jurong is trialling the use of a new contact tracing device and digital check-in system to have more visibility and control over the social encounters of Covid-19 patients to minimise infection spread at worksites.

The move is said to be necessary to avoid contributing to another wave of infections and business shutdowns.

The technology on trial is developed by Temasek Holdings-owned cryptographic technology specialist D'Crypt, and could potentially complement the national contact tracing device TraceTogether Token and mandatory digital check-in system SafeEntry at workplaces.

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4. Singapore Enters Technical Recession As GDP Dives 12.6%

The economy took a far bigger hit than expected in the second quarter as the circuit breaker took its toll and sent the country into its first technical recession in 11 years.

Gross domestic product (GDP) dived 12.6 per cent compared with the same period last year - markedly more than the 10.5 per cent drop economists tipped in a Bloomberg poll.

It is also much worse than in the first quarter, when GDP fell by a revised 0.3 per cent, marking the first time growth had turned negative in a decade.

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5. More Covid-19 Cases Among Migrant Workers Expected As More From Higher-Risk Dorms Are Tested

More Covid-19 cases could arise among migrant workers in dormitories over the next few days because more will be tested after completing their isolation period, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said on Tuesday (July 14).

Some of the workers come from dormitories with a higher prevalence of Covid-19, which is expected to lead to increased case numbers, it added.

More than 215,000 workers have been tested and cleared so far - comprising around two-thirds of those living in dorms, MOH noted.

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6. Leadership And Career Enablement Top APAC's Learning List Amid COVID-19

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, learners are moving away from job-specific knowledge to soft skills - specifically leadership and career enablement.

Digging deeper, Tigerhall pointed out that this trend suggested that users were looking to learn insights on embracing change and disruption, communicating effectively as leaders, making hiring and firing decisions, as well as managing a team that is working remotely; aptly reflecting the challenges faced by professionals in mid-level positions and above in their efforts to help their teams and organisations navigate the ongoing economic crisis.

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7. How To Build A Meaningful Partnership Between Functional Leaders And The HR Manager?

Meaningful business partnership (BP) between functional leaders and their respective HR manager can be valuable in successfully managing functional groups. Especially, in global settings, with employees from different culture and customs, under different sets of laws of the lands, forming BP with the local HR becomes all the more important for functional leaders for effective management of the foreign branch office.

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8. Digital transformation and leadership tips from head of HR at JLL

Winnie Tsien, Head of Human Resources for Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan at Jones Lang LaSalle, reveals how she made the switch from social worker to HR, her leadership style, the challenges of digital transformation, and why dealing with people is the greatest challenge of all.

Some key takeaway points from the interview session:

  • Be resilient, positive and patient when it comes to digital transformation
  • Be an inclusive and transparent leader to see things in a bigger picture


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