Productivity Improvement Forum 2019

Productivity Improvement Forum (PIF) 2019

The annual Productivity Improvement Forum (PIF) for 2019 was held on 13 November at the Trade Association Hub. After months of working closely with the Productivity Council (PC) Secretariat, ASPRI is proud to announce the success of the oversubscribed event, with more than 100 members gathering to learn about the key results and findings of the various work groups in the PC.

In his speech, Guest of Honour, Dr. Koh Poh Koon, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry applauded the PC for its efforts taken to tackle the productivity challenges faced by the Process Construction and Maintenance (PCM) Sector in Singapore. SMS Koh went on to highlight the importance for industry players to have the right mindset for productivity improvement. PIF 2019 also marked the launch of the much-anticipated Productivity Certification Framework – the industry’s yardstick for measuring productivity. Participating members can now be aware of the differentiating competitive advantage against other contractors and international standards. This would enhance the capability of members to compete and win in the international arena.


The PC assured attendees that it will not rest on its laurels and instead carry on its work for Singapore by continuously engaging the various stakeholders and increase on the adoption of these productivity practices. The path moving forward includes expanding mechanisation tools data base and conducting the certification for the tools category in the 1st Pilot Certification exercise. Attendees were also treated to a diverse exhibition of technology service providers who could assist them with their journey of digital adoption in the area of productivity. The face-to-face interaction with vendors allowed for the facilitation of knowledge transfer and gave a platform for members to clarify their doubts about the state-of-the-art technologies.

Though the event was oversubscribed and a got a little crowded, it was great to see the enthusiasm of the PCM industry to stay up to date with productivity issues.


1. PIF Forum 2019 Presentation Deck

2. Construction Industry Institute (CII) Presentation Deck

3. SCIC SAM Productivity Council Presentation Deck