Productivity Improvement Forum (PIF) 2018

The final installment of the Productivity Improvement Forum (PIF) which concludes the 3-year initiative with Construction Industry Institute (CII), was held at the Matrix @ Biopolis on 11 July 2018. Close to 120 participants including Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), Enterprise Singapore (ESG), ASPRI and its members and SCIC and its members.

Mr. Lawrence Koh, Head of Energy and Chemicals from EDB, was the first presenter who shared on the economic outlook of Singapore’s Energy and Chemicals, citing examples on the expansion plans of both ExxonMobil and Neste; and it was imperative for continuous productivity improvements in the PCM industry.

The following leads from the various Workgroups under the Productivity Council (PC) also took stage to update the participants on the findings and path forward:

  1. Certification Workgroup Co-Lead: Mr. Wayne Yap from ASPRI
  2. Mechanisation Workgroup Lead: Ms. Liew Bee Ling from Shell
  3. Pilot Project Workgroup Lead: Mr. Smith Ang from ExxonMobil
  4. Productivity Practices Workgroup Lead: Mr. Hoo Chek from PEC Ltd

There were also 2 vibrant dialogue sessions in which the panel deliberated and answered the audience in regards to the questions that were being surfaced.

Mr. Stephen Mulva, Director at CII, shared on the retrospective for this collaboration between CII and the industry stakeholders in the Singapore’s PCM sector. He quoted that it was a rarity for such close-knitted relationship to exist between the government agencies, plant owners and contractors; what had been accomplished in these 3 years is the preparatory work to further propel the productivity in Singapore’s PCM sector.

Many were interested to find out what’s next for the PC after the conclusion of the 3-year initiative, in which Mr. Koh Yak Boo, Chairman of the PC, shared with the attendees that he concurred with Mr. Mulva’s sharing and that this is not the end, but the beginning of a “marathon” for Singapore to continuously engage the various stakeholders and increase on the adoption of these productivity practices. This would make Singapore a viable venue for further growth in the Energy & Chemicals industry.

The session concluded with a Token of Appreciation Presentation to all whom have voluntarily served and participated in the various workgroup meetings and its activities.


  1. Opening Address
  2. Singapore’s Energy & Chemicals Industry and Our Productivity Efforts
  3. Mechanisation WG – Mech Index Industry Results and Opportunities for Improvement
  4. Productivity Practices WG – Best Practices Sharing from the Industry Members
  5. Productivity Practices WG – Success Story Sharing from Mitsui Chemicals
  6. Pilot Project WG – Activity Analysis Our 3-Years Journey and the Path Forward
  7. Sharing of the Findings from the Workface Planning
  8. Certification WG – Certification Progress and Roadmap
  9. Productivity Council – Moving Forward into the Next Phase
  10. Closing Address