On 18 July 2016, the Productivity Council had their very first Productivity Improvement Workshop (PIW) at the Genexis Theatre.  The place was packed with plant owners, contractors, ASPRI and its members, SCIC and its members, and also government bodies such as Economic Development Board (EDB) and Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board (SPRING).


Mr. Jaysee Lim, Chairman of the Productivity Council, kickstarted the event with a warm opening address. The first presenter was Mr. Steven Toon, Productivity Manager for Bechtel Construction Operations Inc., gave a strong testimony on how Bechtel had benefited from Activity Analysis (AA).

The Pilot Project Work Group has completed their first stage of their findings in the AA. The 5 major plant owners and their contractors were involved in this project, and researchers from National University of Singapore (NUS) were trained to observe workers on site. 2 cycles of AA was conducted, practical productivity improvement were recommended to the audience.

The workshop then took a break at 12 noon for attendees to enjoy a spread of food whilst networking.


The workshop resumed at 1.05pm with Mr. Mike Davidson, Director of PTAG, sharing on how to fully utilise CII’s Best Practices and Tools. He selected the Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) toolset and shared how his organisation managed to save a significant amount of time and money by implementing it in his organisation.

10-10 and Productivity Benchmarking Programs were also introduced to the members for the very first time. It provides the industry with performance norms and provide tools for companies to do self-analysis. It also quantify the value of Best Practices and benchmark construction and maintenance productivity.

Liew Bee Ling, Non-routine Maintenance Manager for Shell Chemicals Seraya,  also shared on how they have identified a list of  common activities, current tools and new tools that could be used in construction and maintenance works. Data on the tools and techniques  would be collected from plant owners, contractors and members from all over the world would be collected. ASPRI had emailed this list to members on  14 July 2016. They are in discussion with plant owners and contractors on the feasibility of using these new tools that may increase productivity.

The session ended off with a Q&A where members of the audience were invited to ask any questions that they may have in regards to the sharing that was presented.


ASPRI wants to thank all members who joined us for the PIW and hope that more members can join us in this journey to work together with the government, plant owners and contractors to develop a world class Process Industry.


  1. Findings from the Activity Analysis
  2. Implementation of CII Best Practices and Tools by Mike Davidson
  3. Introducing 10-10 and Productivity Benchmarking Programs